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Our Services

At Serenity Personal Home Health, we involve you, your family, caregiver or designee if desired, in the formulation of and individualized plan of care. All services are provided under the supervision of a Licensed Registered Nurse who will work with you to develop a plan of care based on your needs, environment, and personal goals and wishes. The plan of care is reviewed and updated as needed, based on your changing needs and goals. The Aide or Companion is responsible for following the plan of care to assist with your daily needs and help you meet your personal goals.

We provide an array of services in your home based on your needs:

  • Skilled Nursing Assistant
  • Personal Care Aide
  • Therapy Services
  • Private Duty Care

These services provide support of the client's health and safety in their home. Our agency shall designate a registered nurse responsible for the supervision of all care services:

Skilled Services: will provide a program of home health services that shall include one or more of the following: Nursing services, Physical therapy services, Occupational therapy services, Respiratory therapy services or, Medical social servies. All skilled services delivered shall be prescribed in a medical plan of care that contains at least the following: Diagnosis and prognosis, Functional limitations, Orders for all skilled services, including (i)specific procedures, (ii)treatment modalities, and (iii)frequency and duration of the services ordered, Orders of medications, when applicable, and Orders for special dietary or nutritional needs, when applicable.

Personal Care Services: Assistance with the activities of daily living. A need for assistance exists when the client is unable to complete an dactivity due to cog nitive impairment, functional disability, physical health problems, or safety. The client's functional level is vased on the client's need for assistance most of all of the time to perform the tasks of daily living in order to live independently; taking and recording vital signs, if specified in the plan of service; recording and reporting to the supervisor any changes regarding the client's condition, behavior or apperance; and documenting the services delivered in the client's record. Personal care services may also include the instrumental activities of daily living related to the needs of the client. Such services shall be delivered based on a written plan of services developed by a registered nurse, in collaboration with the client and client's family to include at least the following: Assessment of the client's needs, functional limitations of the client, activities permitted, special dietary needs, specific personal care services to be performed, and frequency of service.

Therapy Services: Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, or respiratory therapy services shall be provided according to the medical plan of care by or under the direction of an appropriately qualified therapist currently licensed in Virginia and my include, but not limited to: assessing client needs or admission for service or appropriate; implementing a medical plan of care and revising as necessary; initiating appropriate preventive, therapeutic, and rehabilitative techniques according to medical plan of care; educating the client and family regarding tratment modalities and use of equipment and devices; providing consultation to other health care professionals.

Serenity Personal Home Health also now offers PCA classes to persons whom are intersted in becoming a PCA. Call or come into the office to get more information.

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